EnviroForensics Encourages Employee Education Through Lunch & Learn Program

Providing opportunities for our employees’ continued learning is extremely important at EnviroForensics. We encourage our employees to constantly refine and further develop their technical expertise, which in turn allows us to stay at the leading edge of the industry in addressing our clients’ contaminated properties.

One educational opportunity we offer is our monthly Lunch & Learn program. During Lunch & Learns, employees are invited to attend a presentation on a designated industry-related topic. Typical Lunch & Learn discussions are focused on either understanding how contaminants are distributed in the subsurface, or the technical intricacies of investigating and remediating them. All employees are encouraged to participate in the program, and those with less experience are paired with one of our seasoned experts to enhance the learning experience. Following the employer sponsored lunch and presentation, attendees have the opportunity to gain further clarification through questions or to offer their insight through comments. This is a great way for our employees to come together for lunch to expand and share their knowledge on a relevant industry topic.

Our Lunch & Learn Series for 2016, What We Do & How We Do It, will examine key components of our company and industry at large. With a substantial number of dry cleaner clients, our first installment of the series was titled How Past Dry Cleaning Practices Resulted in Environmental Releases. The presentation was led by EnviroForensics’ Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, Jeff Carnahan, and delved into the history of chlorinated solvents and the dry cleaning industry. The development of increasingly advanced dry cleaning machines through recent past decades was also presented as he highlighted different ways that past operations may have impacted the environment during the times prior to environmental regulations.

EnviroForensics truly feels that in order to fully serve our clients, we must also understand their perspectives as business owners, as well as responsible parties. As we continue our 2016 Lunch & Learn series in coming months, our clients will continue to be a large part of Why We Do It, while we improve our skills with What We Do & How We Do It.