Legal Support

A team of widely experienced scientists and engineers provides defensible data for litigation. The litigation support team of EnviroForensics is a sophisticated mix of technical experts in the areas of environmental engineering, hydrogeology, fate and transport of contaminant migration, responsible party searches, insurance archeology, site closure, risk assessment and vapor intrusion.

Litigation Support

Confidential Central Valley Town, California

Contaminated Property Transactions of Locations Throughout the United States

Global Insurance Recovery, National Program

Innocent Landowners of Locations Throughout United States

Guntert & Zimmerman Company (Stockton, California)

Insurance Archeology

Browning-Ferris Industries (Houston, Texas)

Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (Springfield, Illinois)

Y.S.I., Inc. (Yellow Springs, Ohio)

College Cleaners (Chico, California)

Jim’s One-Hour Cleaners (Terra Haute, Indiana)

St. Vincent de Paul Society (Eugene, Oregon)

Kolln Property (Longview, Washington)

Hartling Management, Inc. (Muncie, Indiana)

Meridian Landfill (Fortville, Indiana)

Drum Reconditioning and Chemical Distribution Facility (Rhode Island)