Confidential Client, Berne, Indiana

EnviroForensics was hired to clean up a residential fuel oil spill that occurred in the basement of a residence in Berne, Indiana.

Initially, we provided technical oversight of restoration work related to household items impacted by the fuel oil spill.  During the restoration activities, EnviroForensics advanced several hand auger borings through the basement floor to evaluate the potential for fuel oil to migrate through the concrete floor and into the subsurface.  A large portion of the basement floor (soaked with fuel oil) was removed and disposed of at an approved landfill.  Once the floor was removed, contaminated soil and free product were removed and containerized for disposal at an approved landfill.

Subsequent to the remedial efforts, IDEM required investigation of the local groundwater quality as well as a vapor intrusion assessment.  EnviroForensics installed and sampled three groundwater monitoring wells and determined that the fuel oil spill has not impacted the local groundwater bearing unit.

The initial VI assessment indicated that restoration and remediation work significantly improved the indoor air quality, however, indoor air contaminant concentrations were still just slightly above the IDEM’s VI Screening Levels.  Additional whole house ventilation and air scrubbing, followed by indoor air confirmation sampling produced data sufficient to report to IDEM and request site closure.  IDEM responded with a No Further Action (NFA) Letter that indicated the property was properly remediated to levels protective of human health and the environment.