Environmental Consulting

The goal of EnviroForensics is to provide solutions tailored to a client’s individual facts and circumstances. When the most complex and challenging environmental issues face our clients, we are at our best using resources available to us from a qualified and strategically assembled team.

Investigation and Remediation

Fleet and Industrial Supply Center, Alameda Facility/Alameda Annex, Alameda, California

Confidential Client, Charlotte, North Carolina

San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco, California

Alameda Reuse and Redevelopment Authority, Alameda, California

First Interstate Bank, Crescent City, California

US Naval Air Station, Crows Landing, California

Confidential Client, Malton, Canada

Industrial Office Park, San Jose, California

Undeveloped Land, East Palo Alto, California

Paint Manufacturing Facility and Transfer, Storage, Disposal (TSD) Facility South San Francisco, California

Former Pneumatic Cylinder Manufacturer Willits, California

Real Estate and Due Diligence

Contaminated Property Transactions, Locations Throughout the United States

Confidential Clients, North America

Fleet and Industrial Supply Center, Alameda Facility/Alameda Annex (Alameda, California)

Confidential Client (Charlotte, North Carolina)

Former Lumber Mill (Crescent City, California)

Program Management

Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facility, East Palo Alto, California

Operation and Maintenance

NCP-Compliant Site, Stockton, California

Guadeloupe Dunes Oil Field Santa Maria, California

Regulatory Compliance and Permitting

Confidential Client, Kauai, Hawaii

United States Pipe and Foundry Industrial Landfill, Union City, California

Mather Air Force Base, California

Avon Refinery, Martinez, California

GIS and Database Management

San Francisco International Airport, California