Legal Support Services

EnviroForensics investigates and provides defensible data to lawyers who must meet the demands and requirements of litigation and settlement, insurance claims coverage, and governmental regulations. EnviroForensics provides environmental assessment and due diligence services for commercial and residential developers, property management companies, real estate investment trusts, brownfield developers, financial institutions, law firms, and governmental agencies.

Environmental engineers with extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions focus on specific criteria to resolve contingent environmental liability concerns while maximizing asset value. Unlike anyone else in the business, EnviroForensics also locates funding sources for remediation by conducting insurance archeology to reconstruct coverage and by locating other responsible parties.

Litigation Support

EnviroForensics is the premier provider of scientific investigations that address environmental contamination and discover complex facts of environmental contamination cases. Since EnviroForensics hires only the best, our team of widely experienced scientists and engineers provide defensible data for lawyers who must satisfy the demands and requirements of environmental case law, insurance claims coverage, and governmental compliance regulations. The litigation support team of EnviroForensics is a sophisticated mix of technical experts environmental engineers, hydrogeologists, hydrologists, geologists, risk managers, actuaries, investigators, insurance archeologists and property transfer specialists. Investigations of environmental contamination address source identification, fate and transport, rate and extent, human health and ecological risk assessment, property damage, and natural resource damage. Additionally, the staff provides expertise in identifying and locating other responsible parties, as well as their insurance policies. EnviroForensics provides witness location services through the use of private Investigators who are experienced in interviewing and developing evidence for environmental claims cases. EnviroForensics works with attorneys and clients to develop creative settlement approaches, to provide the technical basis for liability claims, and to find the funds needed by clients in order to pay for legal defense, site investigation and cleanup.

Litigation Support Services

Environmental forensic investigations

  • Soil, groundwater, surface water, gas, air and sludge sampling and analysis
  • Human health and ecological risk assessments
  • Historical land use and ownership evaluations
  • Causation and liability analysis
  • Private investigations, including contributing source and PRP investigations
  • Location and effective interviews of witnesses
  • Confidential Insurance Archeology® to locate coverage
  • Regulatory compliance and permitting
  • Natural resource damage assessments
  • Document storage and management
  • Database preparation and management
  • Contribution apportionment analysis
  • Preparation of depositions, declarations and interrogatories
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Coordination and management of expert witnesses
  • Groundwater, surface water, and air dispersion modeling
  • Chemical fingerprinting and age-dating
  • Photogrammetry
  • Preparation of courtroom exhibits 

Expert Witness

EnviroForensics offers a tenured team of experts that have served the legal community on over 100 matters, to defense attorneys and plaintiff attorneys.

From expert testimony on geology, geochemistry, risk assessments and engineering to Environmental Impact Studies and Clean Water Act violations, EnviroForensics has provided testifying and non-testifying expertise.

EnviroForensics has worked for municipalities, private and public businesses, environmental activists, and the plaintiffs bar on some of the most technically challenging and high profile cases in the country.