Environmental Consulting

Environmental Consulting – Representative Projects

Investigation and Remediation

Fleet and Industrial Supply Center, Alameda Facility/Alameda Annex, Alameda, California

Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study Project Manager for technical and financial management of a 46-task, 2.5-million dollar Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study (RI/FS). The RI/FS tasks include geophysical investigations, soil gas study, shallow and deep groundwater well program, stormwater system investigation, hydrogeologic evaluation for aquifer characterization, investigation-derived waste management and disposal, feasibility study, baseline human health risk assessment, ecological assessment, interim remedial action, radiological survey, site control measures, groundwater sampling program, and community relations. The US Navy used this project as an example of their expedited contracting process.

Confidential Client, Charlotte, North Carolina

Technical Lead/Project Manager for the Preliminary Assessment and Site Inspection (PA/SI) of a former US Navy anti-aircraft munitions manufacturing facility. The facility had extensive VOC and metals contamination of the shallow and deep aquifer resulting from past disposal practices. The lateral and vertical extent of groundwater contamination was defined and sources were traced back to past US Navy manufacturing facility activities. This report was used a basis for cost recovery actions against the former property owners as well as the initial investigation for the RI/FS work required for site closure.

San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco, California

Project Manager/Senior Hydrogeologist of numerous environmental assessment and engineering services associated with the identification and remediation of areas of soil and groundwater contamination. Work performed included: subsurface investigations of underground storage tanks, fuel hydrant systems, and fuel supply pipelines using soil-gas probe, Hydropunch and temporary well point technologies, preparation of soil removal specifications, groundwater remediation specifications, and off-shore sediment sampling. Expedited field investigation and remediation activities were necessary to assist the client in meeting the Master Construction Schedule for the Redevelopment of the San Francisco International Airport.

Alameda Reuse and Redevelopment Authority, Alameda, California

Technical and Project Management of Utility System Master Plan, an environmental audit of existing utility system for the NAS Alameda and Fleet and Industrial Supply Center. These audits involved expedited turnaround times to meet the Base Realignment and Conversion for the client. Investigated potential effects on Base-wide contamination along potential areas of utility corridor re-alignment. The audit included the preparation of a reuse master plan for the sewer, water, electrical, gas, and storm water systems. This required coordination with the existing U.S. Navy ARC/Info system and available engineering design documents.

First Interstate Bank, Crescent City, California

Technical Management for underground storage tank removal including associated subsurface investigations and designing and implementing remedial actions of the contaminated site. Mr. Bird’s duties included logistical planning, permit acquisition, coordination of activities, developing project safety procedures, conducting soil and groundwater surveys using soil-gas probes and groundwater monitoring wells, and negotiating with regulatory agencies. Project received site closure from the North Coast ‚ California Regional Water Quality Control Board after only one year of groundwater monitoring.

US Naval Air Station, Crows Landing, California

Technical Management for bulk removal project of three 50,000-gallon underground storage tanks. The fuel storage facility required the extensive definition of the site geology, site hydrogeology, and the contaminant fate and transport. Report provided the US Navy required information to allow the in-place closure of the tanks through the Central Valley ‚ California Regional Water Quality Control Board.

Confidential Client, Malton, Canada

Project Management of Corrective Action Plan at a chemical plant. The facility had a release of 7,000 gallons of tetrachloroethene on a rail spur adjacent to the plant. The site remediation activities included the development of remedial action plans, installation and operation of a surface water treatment system, removal and replacement of contaminated soil, and the installation of interceptor trench, and surface and groundwater treatment systems. This $3.5 million dollar cleanup effort was required for the successful transfer of the property.

Industrial Office Park, San Jose, California

EnviroForensics® was retained by a major San Francisco Bay developer to investigate and identify PRPs that may be responsible for groundwater contamination at an industrial office park site. Staff evaluated the historic upgradient land uses through the process of reviewing aerial photographs, building plans, city and county files, state and local permits, historic fire insurance and manufacturing directories, and conducting interviews.

EnviroForensics® provided the client with renewed cordial relations with the lead regulatory agency and eliminated the need for site cleanup activities, in turn saving the client over $250,000.

Undeveloped Land, East Palo Alto, California

EnviroForensics® conducted the site investigation and regulatory negotiations for site closure of a wetlands and upland area, impacted by PCB-contaminated fill material. Henshaw was able to stabilize the fill material in place, which resulted in the State of California determination that no further action was required at the site.

EnviroForensics® eliminated an extremely costly cleanup for the client by preparing a risk management plan for the development of the land, while providing potential offsets for impacted wetlands. This plan yielded an agency-acceptable method of redevelopment of a sensitive habitat located along the San Francisco Bay.

Paint Manufacturing Facility and Transfer, Storage, Disposal (TSD) Facility South San Francisco, California

EnviroForensics® staff have been involved in a RFI and CMS at this 100-year old paint manufacturing facility. Staff have been involved in site characterization, coordinated human health and ecological risk assessments, regulatory compliance, and developed corrective measures plans and litigation support. The site is adjacent to the San Francisco Bay. Groundwater and soils at the facility have been impacted by past operations. The primary chemical of concern at the site is lead, which has been detected in the soil to levels up to 6% by weight. Henshaw staff is currently proceeding with corrective action design for the soil and is responsible for stormwater management.

EnviroForensics® ‘s ability to successfully negotiate cost effective remedial activities with regulatory agencies has saved the client valuable transaction time. EnviroForensics® was able to prepare due diligence documents for the prospective sale of the property by using CAMU’s, and containing the remedial activities to include only the soil, enabling the client to save tens of thousands of dollars.

Former Pneumatic Cylinder Manufacturer Willits, California

EnviroForensics® was retained by a federally appointed trust to conduct a court ordered RI/FS at a former pneumatic cylinder manufacturing facility. The facility manufactured cylinders as large as 48-inches in diameter from raw steel. The process of precision milling, painting and chrome plating led to subsurface impact of soil and groundwater with VOCs and chrome. Prior to initiating the RI/FS, EnviroForensics® conducted Interim Remedial Action Study for treating impacted groundwater at the site. EnviroForensics® ’s professionals were instrumental in the development of the Interim Remedial Measures, which had originally been required by the State of California, North Coast Regions- Regional Water Quality Control Board.

EnviroForensics® ’s regulatory expertise with the NCP and technical expertise at the site enabled them to develop a cost-effective RI/FS approach.

Program Management

Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facility, East Palo Alto, California

EnviroForensics® staff have been conducting RFI and CMS activities, coordinating human health and ecological risk assessments, and participating in the design and operation of the groundwater treatment system since 1989. The site’s groundwater was impacted with chlorinated solvents in solution, as dense and light non-aqueous phase liquids. The site is bordered by San Francisco Bay and the ambient water quality is brackish with elevated concentrations of iron bacteria. EnviroForensics® staff implemented a program which utilized existing facility resources and expertise to construct remedial systems and collect specific investigative data. Currently EnviroForensics® is finalizing the RFI activities and implementing the final CMS plan.

Client Success:
The RFI and CMS was conducted in a manner that minimized disruption of production activities and capital outlay.

An in-depth understanding of the facility operations and corporate philosophy enabled EnviroForensics® staff to develop a unique strategic plan which has greatly reduced past and current project costs by at least 50%.

Operation and Maintenance

NCP-Compliant Site, Stockton, California

EnviroForensics® provided technical oversight and litigation support services on all aspects of the RI/FS of a NCP-compliant site. Services included regulatory negotiations, workplan and RI/FS review and monitoring. Soils and groundwater at the site, as well as the municipal supply wells adjacent to the site, were impacted by chlorinated solvents. Levels of PCE have been detected in groundwater at concentrations of 100 times the state and federal drinking water levels. EnviroForensics® continues to support the client, which is an innocent land owner by providing ongoing technical oversight to maximize the cleanup, reduce disruptions and control economic resources. Expertise in providing litigation support services and more specifically intimate knowledge with Lincoln v. Higgins allowed the owner to negotiate a favorable settlement and to obtain their goal of a comprehensive site cleanup.

Utilizing EnviroForensics® ’s senior environmental professionals supplemented the technical knowledge of the legal team and thus was instrumental in maximizing the available resources toward site restoration.

Guadeloupe Dunes Oil Field Santa Maria, California

The beneficiaries of a trust that owned the Guadeloupe Dunes oil field, but leased it to a major oil company, retained EnviroForensics® to conduct an EIR review and provide project management services. The project included review of all soil and groundwater investigation activities at the site as well as determining the potential impacts of the remedial alternatives to the sensitive ecosystem. In addition, EnviroForensics® provided litigation support on matters pertaining to the potential purchase and sale of the site. EnviroForensics® was able to provide the technical expertise to support further site characterization and remedial efforts despite rigorous opposition by the past operators. This allowed the client to maintain an accelerated project schedule and resulted in the sale of the site.

EnviroForensics® ’s work enabled the client to develop a working relationship with the regulatory agencies, resulting in a greater enforcement by the agencies and an increase inremediation efforts at the site.

Regulatory Compliance and Permitting

Confidential Client, Kauai, Hawaii

Technical Management of Baseline Risk/Health Endangerment Assessments (BRHEA) for a large commercial development. The BRHEA was performed within the US EPA guidelines and included the assessment of the contaminant levels, the exposure pathways, the population exposed, and the exposure point concentrations.

United States Pipe and Foundry Industrial Landfill, Union City, California

Waste Discharge reporting including the installation of groundwater monitoring well system, vadose zone monitoring system, and surface water compliance points. Assisted in the negotiation of the Waste Discharge permit with the San Francisco Bay – California Regional Water Quality Control Board for the industrial landfill. The landfill was successfully permitted for limited industrial landfill operations.

Mather Air Force Base, California

Project Management of technical enforcement support for the EPA. Responsible for the technical review of documents generated under the CERCLA guidelines, for attending technical and project management meeting for the U.S. Air Force base, and project budget with long-term cost of projections of remedial actions.

Avon Refinery, Martinez, California

Technical Management of TES support for the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) program. Duties included review of work plans, field sampling plans, quality control and quality assurance plans for EPA oversight of corrective actions, field supervision of corrective actions, field split sample collection, and health and safety audits.

GIS and Database Management

San Francisco International Airport, California

EnviroForensics® was retained to implement and utilize a GIS database for the San Francisco International Airport construction project. The database integrated scale site maps, sample locations, subsurface geologic information, topographic contour information, soil and groundwater quality data, aerial survey data, and architectural/ engineering design specifications. EnviroForensics® designed and implemented custom applications to facilitate system use within the airport environmental team and produced associated application manuals.

EnviroForensics® ’s extensive knowledge of airport operations coupled with staff’s computer programming skills aided the airport in long-term environmental cost recovery activities amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The GIS allowed the client the opportunity to assess the aerial extent of soil and groundwater contamination without extensive site investigation activities, thus minimizing costs and reducing the master remodeling plan.