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Darci Thomas, L.P.G.
Project Manager


Ms. Thomas is a licensed professional geologist with 20 years of experience in environmental management, geologic studies, and associated fields.  Ms. Thomas has focused her career on working closely with stakeholders in real estate transactions to manage environmental risk and liability during due diligence activities.  These activities have involved Phase I environmental site assessments, Phase II subsurface soil and groundwater investigations, soil and groundwater remedial efforts, underground storage tank (UST) closure and removal, asbestos surveys and abatement monitoring, microbial assessments and remediation oversight, facility decontaminations, lead paint inspections and abatement monitoring, and indoor air quality studies, and wetland assessments. Ms. Thomas is experienced with the management of regulatory investigation and remediation of chlorinated solvent and petroleum-impacted projects through the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) State Cleanup and Voluntary Remediation Programs.

Ms. Thomas is also experienced with providing necessary assessment and documentation on projects subject to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and has completed Environmental Assessments (EAs) and Categorical Exclusions (CEs) for federal agencies including the US Postal Service (USPS), Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Federal Highway Administration (FHA) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  Ms. Thomas has worked to develop Phase I, Phase II, Initial Site Characterizations, and Corrective Action Plan Reports.  She is proficient in field activity management from soil and groundwater sampling events to well installation, site investigation activities, indoor air quality and vapor intrusion assessment and monitoring, and building investigations for lead based paint, asbestos, and microbial contamination. Ms. Thomas has experience in ushering permitting, waste disposal, subcontractor selection, groundwater monitoring program field management, sample analysis, and report writing.  As a full service environmental consultant and geologist, Mr. Thomas works hard to provide aggressive and innovative solutions to each project while maintaining strong communication with the client, state regulators and others stakeholders involved in the project.

Email: dthomas@enviroforensics.com

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