Digging Up Dough For Clean-Ups

National Clothesline Article, June 2002

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In this article, Stephen Henshaw, president of EnviroForensics (Environmental Forensic Investiga-tions), a national environmental engineering firm specializing in remediation for small and medium businesses, including drycleaners, answers question about Insurance Archeology and how it can help drycleaners find money for costly cleanups.

Q. What is insurance archeology, and why is it beneficial for drycleaners?

Insurance archeology is a term used to describe the process of locating and finding historical insurance policies that covered individuals and businesses.

Historical insurance can be a huge benefit to drycleaners as old policies can be used to pay for costs associated with soil and groundwater contamination in-vestigations, legal representation and even the cleanup of contaminated sites. Continue reading “Digging Up Dough For Clean-Ups”