Brownfield Redevelopment

Brownfield Redevelopment

Abandoned industrial and commercial facilities often have complex environmental problems. Acquisition of such properties—called brownfields—and transforming them into useable real estate takes knowledge and experience. EnviroForensics has the environmental expertise to partner strategically with businesses, brownfield coordinators and developers to redevelop these tainted assets and convert them into valuable community spaces. We are able to accomplish this by leveraging the knowledge of our team of professional geologists, engineers, geochemists and scientists.

For over 20 years, EnviroForensics has been Turning Environmental Liabilities Into Assets®.  In no more critical arena is this applied than in Brownfield Redevelopment. Whether it is performing initial Phase I or Phase II Environmental Site Assessments on abandoned properties, helping communities evaluate and rank brownfield sites, or leading a multi-disciplined team to repurpose underutilized properties, EnviroForensics helps clients navigate the maze of environmental regulations and issues that can impede redevelopment.

Environmental Assessment and Due Diligence Services

During property acquisitions, due diligence is necessary to assess whether the property wields potential environmental liabilities. EnviroForensics’ team of environmental professionals includes business associates with the experience to conduct due diligence services for each unique situation and resolve problems that may arise that could inhibit the progress of property redevelopment.

EnviroForensics provides environmental assessment and due diligence services to:

  • Commercial and residential developers
  • Community development corporations
  • Brownfield developers
  • Property management companies
  • Real estate investment trusts
  • Financial institutions
  • Law firms
  • Governmental agencies

Our team of environmental professionals and business associates possess proficiency in merger and acquisition projects. Focusing on specific acquisition and development criteria, we create strategies to resolve unforeseen environmental liability issues while maximizing asset value. We accomplish this through a network of the best experts who specialize in the practice of environmental liability law. We partner our environmental expertise and business acumen with legal professionals skilled in managing and maneuvering environmental liability so that the community investment partners have the best liability protection without hindering redevelopment objectives.

An array of environmental problems can arise during the due diligence process involving political, technical, regulatory, legal and financial issues. We handle and resolve these problems by creating business-oriented strategies for prospective or actual property owners, businesses and municipalities. In addition, we provide risk evaluation on individual properties and can evaluate the community-wide spectrum of underutilized properties to rank sites according to metrics of value for given development and economic goals. EnviroForensics is your advantage in developing brownfield properties.

Funding Through Historical Insurance Assets

Cleaning up contaminated brownfields can be extremely costly. EnviroForensics finds insurance assets to use as funding for site investigation, cleanup and legal defense. Our expertise in leveraging historical insurance assets provides multiple avenues of resource for projects that ultimately invest in the community. No other environmental consulting firm can boast the success that EnviroForensics has in working with interested parties using historical insurance to fund site investigation and remediation of environmental impacted properties. The end result allows for rebuilding and revitalizing communities, and enhancing community development and city planning goals.

Brownfield Development Service Areas

  • Site Investigation and Risk Assessment
  • Corridor Study, Ranking and Prioritization
  • Community Consultation and Public Planning Meetings
  • QAAP Preparation and Community Relations Planning
  • Feasibility Studies and Remedy
  • GIS and Database Management
  • Remediation and Stewardship Design and Management
  • Industrial Waste Management and Recycling

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